The early stage companies in which we invest may require more than just a financial investment, and likely require other expertise that is not cost effective for them to acquire on their own. Having these teams in place allows Cerium the ability to provide potential partners with the assets they need to grow, whatever they may be.

Cerium Technology is more than just a venture capital company. We have the knowledge, experience, and capital to develop the ideas that will transform our focus industry sectors. Having these types of assets allows Cerium to effectively convert raw ideas into enterprises, guiding them from concept and design, to revenue and profitability.

Ideas require development. We analyze every great idea and assess potential customers, purchase processes, unique value proposition and competitive differentiation. We provide the creative environment to truly understand the customer and develop a strong proof of concept.

Cerium works with the board of each portfolio company to provide strategic analysis and guidance.  This begins with the necessary industry research and competitive analysis to properly assess strategic alternatives.  It also includes formation of comprehensive strategies with regard to markets, products, and customers.

An essential requirement for every portfolio company is to recruit a strong management team with the skills, experience, and ambition necessary to drive profitable growth.  Frequently, a company will have a few very strong leaders, but not the full team that is optimal.  We help these companies assess, recruit, and monitor management talent.

Growth also requires the implementation of operational best practices throughout the organization.  With years of operational experience, Cerium understand how to set policies and procedures, develop key performance indicators, and implement consistent metrics to measure the company’s progress.  These metrics apply to operations as well as financial planning and budgeting.

Finally, Cerium has the resources to create an ecosystem around a portfolio company.  This ecosystem includes the establishment of partnerships and alliances, as well as the evaluation and execution of mergers and acquisitions that accelerates growth.