Cerium expects corporate responsibility from each of our portfolio companies, as well as from ourselves. This includes being a responsible company, a responsible employer and a responsible investor. We take responsibility for our actions, carefully consider how others will be affected by our choices and ensure that our values and ethics are integrated into our formal business policies, practices and plans.


Cerium is committed to working only with third parties whose standards of business integrity are substantively consistent with our own. This includes our intermediaries and advisers.

As part of our approach as a responsible investor, we also expect the businesses in which we invest to commit to the highest level of integrity applicable to their business. We expect each director and officer of each company to observe their fiduciary duty to the company, and to promptly disclose any possible or potential conflicts of interest immediately to the Board of Directors.

Health and Safety

Cerium recognizes health and safety as an important issue and ensures the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors and others who work at our locations. We are committed to continually improving the quality of how we manage health and safety through open communication, increasing awareness and encouraging an inclusive working environment.

We establish and maintain health and safety arrangements; apply a systematic approach to risk assessment and eliminate or reduce hazards in the workplace; provide appropriate information, instruction and training on health and safety matters as necessary; and consult with our employees and other stakeholders on health and safety issues.


For Cerium and its portfolio companies, our most valued resources are employees. It is essential that each company attracts, selects and retains employees of the highest caliber. We expect each company to implement a policy that ensures it has a fair, open, consistent and effective process to attract and select the best candidates for positions which will maximize contribution to the business. The core principles of our recruitment process are to recruit the best person for the job; to consider candidates on merit; to achieve and maintain the highest professional standards in the hiring of individuals to any position; and to recruit individuals that will embody Cerium’s values and enhance our performance and reputation.

As a committed equal opportunities employer, we are committed to ensuring that all job applicants, employees, and contract workers are treated fairly and according to merit, ability and performance and are offered equal opportunity in selection, training, career development, promotion and compensation in accordance with applicable local employment laws.