Cerium Technology is led by Eldon Klaassen, an expert in energy and capital markets technology and seasoned business builder. His vast experience in energy, capital markets and technology provides Cerium with access to unique investment opportunities and the acumen to evaluate their potential.

Since the foundation of Cerium, Mr. Klaassen has expanded the scope of the firm across new areas of interest, as well as increasing the value of assets under management. His insight has proven valuable to a new generation of innovative entrepreneurs and continues to promote growth of the Cerium portfolio.

Prior to Cerium, Mr. Klaassen was the founder and CEO of Allegro Development, a pioneer in energy trading and risk management (ETRM) software. His leadership was instrumental in the development of numerous innovations in ETRM technology over thirty years. During his tenure, Allegro experienced extraordinary growth, generating a 53% average annual return to investors. Mr. Klaassen remains Chairman of the Board of the company.